Customer Experience

Case 1

We have already provided our service for some customers. As the butler service, it is our pleasure to share with rest of our customers about the experience we provide.

The plan from one of our customer : ” Me and my girlfriend want to get a 2 days travel to Los Angles, the purpose for the trip, we want to visit the Universal Studio, we know that the traffic is busy in LA, we do not want spend too much time on the road. I hope you can plan a Korean food for us as the dinner. The wealth here is warm, we want to enjoy the wealth at the meantime. We want to leave San Francisco  on March 21st and get back 23rd. For the second day, we want to go to Irvine  and shop around the south cost mall and have good time there”

For this customer, What we did?

Once we received the requirements, we order at air plane tickets for them on 10 am March 21, and back San Francisco on March  23 9:30 pm. According to the requirements about visiting the Universal Studio, we made them live in Hilton Universal City Los Angles, which location in 555 Universal Hollywood Drive, Los Angeles, CA 91608-1001, it is just o.1 miles from Universal Studio, my customers can be so free to enjoy the sunshine and visit the Universal City. 

For the Korean food, we choose Kang Ho Dong, the most famous Korean BBQ in the down for them. The location is in the Korean Town, it is not far from the hotels, and we made appointment for them to save the waiting time.

At the second day, we rent a hotel car for them to go to Irvine to enjoy the sunshine and beach, and they can make their own plan to shop around.

At the last day, we send our customers to the airport.

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“Thanks, flash butler, we had a good time with your helping, about this trip, we need not to worry about anything, you guys plan everything in the best way for us, all we do is enjoy the time, no traffic brothers us, we like the hotels and restaurants you chose for us, I will let you know my next trip soon.” ———Evaluations from our customers.